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The Psychological Service Department will guide and help you resolve and tide over the acute psychological crisis and also co-ordinate with the psychiatrist for augmenting psychotropic medications with various modalities of psychotherapy.

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Psychological Services

We provide counselling and treatment for Depression. Guilt Feeling, Lacking Pleasure, Sadness, Failure to Concentrate or Loosing Focus and Suicide  Tendency are the main symptoms of Depression

Care and treatment for every type of Anxiety related issues. Restlessness, Stress feeling due to hectic work pressure, Extreme worry about future, Muscle tension, Sleeping issues are primary symptoms of Anxiety related psychological issues.

Our Care, Treatment & Expert Counseling will help you to overcome all type of relationship issues. Our team of doctors will guide you to improve communication to reclaim emotional intimacy, decrease conflicts in a relationship.

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Panel of Doctors

A powerful team working for your Mental Health

Dr. Aswin Krishnan Ajit MD

MBBS, MD (Psych) Director & Consultant Psychiatrist


Dr. Prakash Chandran .A. MA,MA,MA,PhD,PG Dip(Couns)

MA,LLB,PhD (Psychology), PG Dip Guidance & Counselling Clinical Psychologist

Dr Prakash Chandran Arakkal is one of the leading clinical psychologists in Kerala with expertise in managing marital problems. Besides being an excep [...]

Dr. Chinju Somanathan, MBBS, DPM

MBBS, DPM. Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Justin Thomas – MD (Peds), DM (Neuro)