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The Division of Old Age Psychiatry provides continuing care for older and sick people who need more mental strength to beat the odds.

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Old Age Psychiatry Services

Depression in older stages may be due to worries about past actions, or the separation of children due to illness or geographical problems. Dependence on others for daily routines and chronic diseases will affect the mental status adversely which may lead to depression in older age.

Dementia is characterised by the presence of memory loss and associated behavioural problems. Depending on the severity, the illness can have devastating consequences in the sense that they may become dependent on others even for their activities of daily living.

Though uncommon, delusional disorder mainly occurs in association with depressive disorder or other psychological disorders. Characterised by fixed beliefs which persists despite giving them adequate proof to disprove the same beliefs. May even present before the onset of a dementing illness or other neurodegenerative illness.

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    Panel of Doctors

    A powerful team working for your Mental Health

    Dr. Aswin Krishnan Ajit

    MBBS, MD (Psych) Director & Consultant Psychiatrist


    Dr. Prakash Chandran A.

    MA,LLB,PhD (Psychology), PG Dip Guidance & Counselling Clinical Psychologist

    Dr Prakash Chandran Arakkal is one of the leading clinical psychologists in Kerala with expertise in managing marital problems. Besides being an excep [...]

    Dr. Chinju Somanathan

    MBBS, DPM. Consultant Psychiatrist

    Dr Justin Thomas

    MD (Peds), DM (Neuro), Consultant Neurologist